If you have been diagnosed as having Fuchs then joining the group will give you free access to the other members who can help guide you through the various issues you may face.

The Website can provide access to static reference information that may be of use, but the main communication channel is through the 'Yahoo' health group forum of 'fuchsfriendsuk'  

There are a few basic steps that you need to complete :
1) Visit  http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fuchsfriendsuk/
2) If you do not already have a Yahoo User ID, then you will need to create one
3) Once you have your Yahoo user ID, then send an e-mail to
 fuchsfriendsuk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com with some basic information about yourself ( or the person with Fuchs )
4) After acceptance, you will receive an e-mail back from the forums moderators,and a password for the members area.

The Forum allows you to access other members who all have Fuchs in various stages, and your can ask questions, post information about any proceedure, and whilst we are not medically qualified, you'll be suprised what we know! When things all just get a bit too much, then post a message, and pour your heart out.